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Last Day of School

***Originally Posted on December 20, 2019***

How storied my schooling has been. So many changes. I began preschool with so many great memories of Nana Fox. I went to the worst kindergarten ever but found my better class with Hughes. She tried, so I can’t fault her. Middle school was again greatly challenging. I know Scarpace tried too, but I didn’t have a voice yet how could she know?

Then life gave me a gift - my voice from God. I was very hesitant to go back to middle school. What if they didn’t believe my voice? And that’s exactly what happened. My teacher didn’t believe me! Imagine how you would feel if that happened to you?!

I fought and fought with the school. Very great people fought with me, like my parents, Casey, Sheri and Gina, but it didn’t matter. Fort Zumwalt spent two years denying my voice and my education. It was horrible for me. It was horrible to be stuck there.

I had no hope for high school. It not only was in the same district, but my parents and I really fought hard for my voice, so we had a reputation for making noise in the district. But here is how I heard I was going to hope for my future........

Her name is Jamie Buchner. She was my case manager and the first time I met her, she threw away my PECS boards and said I was going to type at school. At that moment, I felt beyond free to learn and got very excited for my future. Getting to classes, Jamie did exactly as promised. She fought for me without ceasing in every possible scenario, no matter what anyone else said. She understood my goal of being treated as a peer and got me into mainstream classes. She got supported me so much that during my last IEP, because of my strong grades, the district admitted I proved them wrong! It is because of her constant pushing and belief in me that I will graduate today with a full diploma and 2 college level classes under my belt. I hear others’ stories that didn’t turn out like mine. Good people that are being denied their voices. I’m going to fight for you, just like Jamie fought for me. Good to have shared my high school years with you, Buchner. Consider me your biggest fan!

Jamie Buchner is on the left in the photo below.

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