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My Complex Body Movements

In this video, it will appear as if I am moving slow. Don't be fooled. The movements I am making take incredible concentration. Each maneuver is a complex series of instructions I have to work out in my brain. I have to think about what I want to do, tell my body what to do, then make my body do it. And that is for each movement. Notice I am doing more than one thing at a time in this video. For example, I am holding a weight, walking, turning around, and then sitting. Add in distractions like sounds, smells, and visual and vestibular input. Then you may begin to understand why I am moving slowly. It was such a huge win for me today. Thanks Stephanie for believing in me and cheering me on! Feel free to send your comments or questions about this.

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1 Comment

Katie Stockmann
Katie Stockmann
Jun 01, 2023

What an accomplishment-SO proud of you!

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